Frequently Asked Questions

How long should i grow my brows out before coming in for a brow makeover?

All brows grow at different rates. To get a real brow makeover, we suggest waiting 2-4 months to achieve the best brow transformation.

Do your brow artists use waxing or tweezing for hair removal?

We use both! As professionals, we can assess your skin to see if our hypoallergenic wax or tweezing will be the right fit for you. For those with minimal brow growth, we will likely tweeze.

I got my brows done somewhere else and I am not happy. Can you fix them?

We would love to come to your brow rescue! In some cases though, there isn't much we can do until you are able to grow them out. If your brows have been overly waxed, take a 2-4 month break and come see us for a brow makeover.