Who We Are

Experts in MAKEUP, LASHES, and BROWS.

Our goal at BEAUTYWYLD is to bring chic glamour to the everyday woman. Creating beauty routines that are low-maintenance, based in natural aesthetics, and sustain today's power woman. Our beauty services empower women from the outside in. 

We pride ourselves in our dedication to delivering quality services to our clients. 


Jocelyn Rivard King

I was born a beauty junkie! I have been obsessed with getting my hands on beauty products for as long as I can remember. After my Sagittarius soul brought me to Los Angeles at 17, I was inspired by the entertainment industry and knew that I wanted a career in creativity.  Since then, I have established a reputation for bringing out the inner beauty of my diverse clientele. I am most happy when I connect with my clients to deliver results that not only satisfy, but empower them to feel their best. Loyalty, Service and Perfectionism are three of my best qualities.