Red Carpet / Evening Makeup


The Red Carpet / Evening Makeup application is for your big night out! When you want to feel your best, on and off the red carpet, a perfectly curated beauty look is the confidence boost you need. This makeup application helps you pop in a photo and look polished to perfection. It's all about the details in this one, including sexy eyes, statement skin and temporary lashes.

(Appointment is 45-60 minutes)

Pick-me-up / Daytime makeup


If you live by the words "Less Is More", the Pick-Me-Up / Daytime Makeup is for you. You're headed to a lunch date, a meeting, or a girls' night in, and want a professional to help you feel great. This makeup application gives you an overall glow, balanced with your natural beauty. Light, natural and time conducive... need we say more?

(Appointment is 20-30 minutes)

natural Beauty / Non-toxic


Pregnant, breastfeeding, or just a non-toxic enthusiast? Our Natural Beauty makeup application is perfect for the most health conscious beauty babe. Using our favorite non-toxic beauty brands we will glam you up using products formulated without any parabens, phthalates, silicones and more.

(Appointment is 45 minutes)